Youth Gymnastics (Tumbling Fun 101)

The City offers 5 levels within our Tumbling Fun 101 program on Wednesdays. Classes are designed to introduce children to the fundamentals of gymnastics, and help them find interest in the sport. We recommend a leotard, but they are not required.

Preschool Tumbling (Suggested ages 3 to 5)
For students who have never taken a tumbling class before. Listening, following directions, basic body positioning and mechanics are stressed for
the floor, vault, beam, and bars.

Beginner 1 (ages 4 plus)
For those students who have taken our Introduction class or a prior tumbling class. Learn some of the basic skills such as forward/backward roll on the
floor, basic swings on the bars and front/back/ side walk on the beam while also building on skills learned in "Introduction."

Beginner 2 (based on skill level)
Designed for older students who have never taken a tumbling class or have not taken one for six months. Students will work on mastering skills such as the forward/backward roll, tuck jump, bridge on the floor; hurdle and forward roll on the vault, moving low beam skills of forward/backward walk, sideways walk to the high beam, as well as glide swing, forward roll out , and casting on the bars, and more.

Advanced Beginner (based on skill level)
For the student who has mastered the Beginner skills. Students build on progressive moves taught in Beginner 2. New skills such as handstand forward roll, round-off on the floor; dive rolls on the vault; jumps on the beam and back-hip circle on the bars will be introduced.

Intermediate (based on skill level)
For the student who can perform the following: Floor: handstand hold for two seconds, left and right cartwheel, plus back extension roll.
Bars: pullover, back-hip circle, stride circle.
Beam: forward roll, cartwheel and handstand.

To sign up for any program, stop by RiverChase, register online, or call 636-343-0067

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