New Businesses to Fenton

The following businesses have received an Occupancy Permit and are calling Fenton "home."

August 2019

Automatic Controls Equipment Systems
1585 Fencorp Drive
(building automation systems busines)

Arch City Window, LLC
731 Merus Court
(window installation company)


July 2019

All Ball Pro, LLC
1295 North Highway Drive
(sports equipment manufacturer)

Smoker's Outlet, Inc.
1700-B Gilsinn Lane
(tobacco supplier)

Fenton Sew-N-Vac
25 Gravois Bluffs Plaza Drive
(existing Fenton business moving to new location)

Nirvana Investments, LLC
893 Bolger Court
(administrative office for wholesale company)

Sunnyhill, Inc.
14 Soccer Park Road
(non-profit office)


June 2019

Star Material Hauling
558 Gravois Road, Suite 204
(trucking company office)

The Barefoot Homeopath
558 Gravois Road, Suite 200
(homeopath office)

St. Louis Snow Cone, Inc.
559 Wolfner Drive
(catering company)

Transcat, Inc.
895 Bolger Court
(test equipment repair and service)