Recycling and Waste Management Information

The City of Fenton provides all residents trash collection and curbside recycling collection as part of the standard municipal services. Each household has received one sixty-five gallon trash cart and a sixty-five gallon recycling cart to use.

The only cost for the trash collection is if the trash cannot be recycled and it will not fit in the sixty-five gallon trash cart. In such cases, residents use an overflow trash/lawn debris sticker. The City allots up to twenty (20) of these stickers to each household annually at no charge. These stickers are typically made available in early spring. Please watch your "News & Views" Newsletter for announcements regarding availability. These stickers can be used for either overflow trash bags or lawn debris bags. Additional stickers can be purchased for $1.00 each at City Hall or RiverChase.

Residents may also rent additional sixty-five gallon carts for trash from Christian Environmental Services for a nominal fee of $4.00 per month.

Every trash day, residents may select one bulky item for pick-up.

Trash Collection is every Monday of each week. Recycling Collection is every Thursday of each week. All containers should be placed curb-side by 6:00 a.m. to ensure your trash is collected.

Meridian Waste Solutions

The City of Fenton currently contracts with Meridian Waste Solutions to provide solid waste and recycling collection for the residents of Fenton.

Please contact our customer service department at (314) 291-3131 with any questions that you may have, or visit the Meridian Waste Solutions website to learn more about our company and the additional services offered.