Attorney Information

General Information 

Timothy Engelmeyer 

The Prosecuting Attorney may be reached via email at or by calling 636-343-1007 EXT. 1107. 

The Prosecuting Attorneys Assistant, Kelly Blain, can be reached at or by calling 636-343-1007 EXT. 1107. 

Entry of Appearance/ Recommendation/ Request for Discovery – REJIS/IMDS PLUS CASES/ 

If the case was filed PRIOR to August 15, 2020, please mail in your entry of appearance, request for recommendation, and request for discovery (if applicable). Please ALSO mail a self-addressed stamped envelope for return of your recommendation. 

City of Fenton Municipal Court will make a copy for the prosecutor’s office. 

*You may also mail an entry to the courts, and then mail a request for recommendation and request for discovery (of applicable) to the Prosecuting attorney’s office with a self-addressed envelope.  

*You may also fax in your request to 636-326-2964 or by email to

Please follow up with a self-addressed envelope. 

Entry of Appearance/ Recommendation/ Request for Discovery –  Show-Me-Court/ Cases 

If the case was filed after August 152020, please E-FILE your documents with the Missouri State E-filing system.  

The courts will print off the documents and forward them on to the Prosecutors Office.  

Citations Involving an Accident 

  • Citations resulting from an accident will require an insurance coverage letter from the defendant’s insurance provider summarizing the status of the claim. 
    1. Recommendation requests will not be processed without this information. 
  • For all other citations involving proof of compliance, please submit documentation with the entry and request. 

Request for Continuances 

All request for continuance should be directed to the court staff during normal business hours 

8:00am-4:00pm. (636-343-1007)