Virtual Court Information

Join the Docket by Phone: 

Call toll free 1-408-418-9388, enter Access Code 146 478 1661. 

Instructions for Virtual Docket:

1. Go to on a web browser or the Webex application on a smart telephone. 

2. Click on Join a Meeting.

3. Enter the Meeting ID 146 478 1661.

4. Enter your name as it appears on your ticket/charge (IMPORTANT: we must have your name as it appears on your ticket to ensure we pull the appropriate case file.    Attorneys: please sign in with your name and then your client’s name in parenthesis after yours). Please make sure volume is up and device microphone is on.

You will be allowed to check in as early as 15 minutes prior to your court proceeding.  When you join the meeting, you will be in a virtual waiting room until a clerk checks you in.  


If you have an attorney representing you, please check with your attorney if your presence is needed at this hearing prior to joining.


Violations which are eligible for payment outside of court proceedings may continue to be paid prior to the scheduled court date and time.  To see if your violation is payable, please visit:  Payment Options   or contact the court office @ 636-343-1007.

Please file all accepted recommendation paperwork with the Court at least 3 days prior to the court hearing.


This is an actual court hearing for which you are scheduled.  Failure to appear for your court proceeding via WebEx or your failure to contact the court prior to your hearing date will result in additional action being taken by the Court on your case which may include a warrant for your arrest and/or a hold being placed on your license.