Items Banned from Landfills

In 1990 the Missouri State Legislature passed a law banning the disposal of certain materials in Missouri landfills. That ban became effective in 1991. The following items cannot be picked up and mixed with household trash:

Lead Acid Batteries

Lead and sulfuric acid contained within lead acid batteries are harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly. Lead acid batteries have the highest recycling rate of any product sold in the United States. This is because batteries are easily returned when a new battery is purchased and because battery lead and plastic components are valuable. Most auto parts stores will accept old batteries.

All other batteries can be recycled at the Lowes in Gravois Bluffs. (i.e. cordless tool batteries, AAA to 9-volt batteries.)

Old Tires

Tires are banned from landfills because they are difficult to keep buried in landfills, do not decompose easily and are a breeding spots for mosquitoes. Tires can be disposed of in landfills if they are cut into quarters, shredded or chipped. Most tires are burned as tire derived fuel for electrical generation or ground and used as a playground surface. Many tire dealers will accept old tires but will charge a small disposal fee unless new tires are purchased. You can recycle used tires at Tire Shredders Unlimited in High Ridge, (636) 677-8471.

Major Appliances

Large appliances are banned from landfills. This includes items such as refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers and other large metal appliances.

They are valuable to metal recyclers and should not be filling landfills. There are several scrap metal dealers in the area that will pay you for these items. Look in the telephone book or on-line for locations.

If you cannot arrange to haul these items yourself, you can contact Christian Environmental Service or another independent hauler to find out about

Metal Items

Other metal items that can be scheduled for pick up are:

  • Metal machinery such as push-mowers (all fluids must be drained)
  • Metal furniture such as patio tables and/or chairs
  • Barbeque grills
  • Metal poles - swing sets, basketball stands, old style metal bed frames, etc.