Other Problem Waste Items/Bulk Items

The City has made arrangements with our trash hauler that allows each household to dispose of one bulky item each week at no cost to you.  Waste Connections has requested you contact them a day before to let them know you have an item for pick up. They can be reached at 636-321-2100 or wcmissouri@wasteconnections.com

Set the item out with your regular trash.  These types of items are usually something one person can carry, not-to-exceed 75 lbs.

Examples include chairs, furniture and mattress or box spring.  You do not need to put a sticker on these.

In the event you have to dispose of many items at one time (i.e. you are replacing a room full of carpet), you will need to contact Waste Connections at 636-321-2100 or another independent hauler to find the most cost effective way to dispose of these items.

View the Bulky Waste Disposal Guide (PDF).